New Sunaway Cover Heat protection 100% (for SUV - a vehicle).

"Cool like parked in the shade" despite the park in the sun.

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Have you ever been to a well-dressed place to drive a sun-drenched car all day? In a hot car like in the oven. Hot Steering Hand I need to open the glass to clear away the heat. The air is cool, it sweats over the wet shirt, the foul smell.
I do it because I have to park in the sun on the street. Sweat forever Hot weather is not afraid of hot car.
The more sunbathing on a regular basis. Things left in the car, such as handphone, water bottle, food, medicine, cosmetics. (For women) was heated until it was exhausted. Steering wheel steering console is pretty pale because of the UV radiation until the price falls.
Use a car cover. Anyone who uses a car cover often encounters these problems.
Big, clumsy, lazy, lazy, dirty, dirty clothes Cover the car until the cat scratches. And not hot
It's great if your car parked all day sun. Still cool like parked in the shade
Did not speak Because people who use Sunaway's 100% hot-covered car cover is the same voice as the cover. "Cool like parked in the shade" despite the park in the sun.



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